A French Regional Council takes a stand on language...

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Subject: A French  Regional Council takes a stand on language...

Philippe Blanchet, of the Centre de REcherche sur la DIversite
LInguistique de la Francophonie, at the Universite de la Haute Bretagne,
Rennes 2, recently forwarded to me a document published by the Regional
Council of Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur regarding the concerning the
Provencale Nicoise regional languages.  In a Plenary Session of October
17, 2003 some recommendations were made regarding these languages, and has
requested that the French Prime Minister and other European organs (EBLUL)
take action on this recommendation.

An English version of this document can be viewed on my website at:
(translated by yours truly and Philippe Blanchet).  If you would like
the French version of this document please let me know.

H. Schiffman

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