International Journal of Bilingual Education & Bilingualism

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Wed Nov 12 15:21:42 UTC 2003

TOC, International Journal of bilingual Education and Bilingualism
Vol 6 Nos 3&4 (2003)
Publisher: Multilingual Matters

Volume Number: 6
Issue Number: 3&4
Issue Date: 2003

Subtitle: Multilingual Classroom Ecologies: Inter-relationships,
Interactions and Ideologies

Legal Discourse and Decisions, Teacher Policymaking and the
Multilingual Classroom: Constraining and Supporting Khmer/English
Biliteracy in the United States
(Ellen Skilton-Sylvester)

Interactions and Inter-relationships Around Text: Practices and
Positionings in a Multilingual Classroom in Brunei
(Peter W. Martin)

Talk Around Text: Literacy Practices, Cultural Identity and Authority
in a Corsican Bilingual Classroom
(Alexandra Jaffe)

Language, Ethnicity and the Mediation of Allegations of Racism:
Negotiating Diversity and Sameness in Multilingual School Discourses
(Angela Creese)

Constructing Discursive Practices in School and Community:
Bilingualism, Gender and Power
(Deirdre Martin)

Baro Afkaaga Hooyo! A Case Study of Somali Literacy Teaching in
(Jo Arthur)

Bilingual Resources and Funds of Knowledge for Teaching and Learning
in Multi-ethnic Classrooms in Britain
(Marilyn Martin-Jones, Mukul Saxena)

Foreign-born Teachers in the Multilingual Classroom in Sweden: The
Role of Attitudes to Foreign Accent
(Sally Boyd)

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