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New in the series:
Series Editors: Monica Heller and Richard J. Watts

Donna Patrick

2003. xii, 269 pages.

Since the early 1970s, the Inuit of Arctic Quebec have struggled to
survive economically and culturally in a rapidly changing northern
environment.  The promotion and maintenance of Inuktitut, their native
language, through language policy and Inuit control over institutions,
have played a major role in this struggle. Language, Politics, and Social
Interaction in an Inuit Community is a study of indigenous language
maintenance in an Arctic Quebec community where four languages -
Inuktitut, Cree, French and English - are spoken. It examines the role
that dominant and minority languages play in the social life of this
community, linking historical analysis with an ethnographic study of
face-to-face interaction and attitudes towards learning and speaking
second and third languages in everyday life.

> From the Contents:

Chapter 1: Language use in Arctic Quebec: Towards a political economic
1. Introduction
2. Doing Aboriginal Research
3. The study of language choice: Theoretical assumptions

Chapter 2: Contextualizing the research site
1. The research site
2. Aboriginal politics in Canada: nunavut, Nunavik, and land claims
3. Setting the scene: Aboriginal politics in the 1990s

Chapter 3: History and representation of the Hudson Bay Inuit, 1610-1975
1. History, contact, and representation
2. The twentieth century: The Inuit and Canada

Chapter 4: Language, power, and Inuit mobilization
1. Language markets and linguistic capital
2. Dominant and alternative language markets
3. Competition between English and French
4. Inuit mobilization and the rise of the Inuktitut
5. Participating in the Southern market

Chapter 5: Ethnography of language use
1. Who speaks what: The distribution of language resources
2. Endangered languages and the "survival" of Inuktitut
3. Language survey data: Self-reports of language use
4. Ethnic boundaries and social space
5. Social networks in Great Whale River
6. Language practices

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(Language, Power and Social Process 8)

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