language politics in goa

P. Kerim Friedman kerim.list at
Tue Oct 28 16:47:46 UTC 2003

An interesting post on language politics in Goa (about which I know
very little):

Language politics have divided two sections of Goans into warring
Konkani and Marathi camps, while the main beneficiaries of this seems
to be politicians and a handful of others. Romi Konkani speakers
themselves feel a sense of alienation and exclusion, on being kept out
of receiving prizes or other official support on the grounds that
generations of work has been done in the 'non-official' script. But
even if you're fluent in the Devanagari script, there's no assurance
that you'll make the grade. Some get excluded because their Pernem or
Canacona variants of the language may simply not be acceptable to those
who define what is 'standard', 'acceptable' and 'correct'.
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