Books for Review

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Sun Sep 21 22:18:18 UTC 2003

Kendall King's recent message to a number of people on this list
mentioning some books available for review for the journal Language Policy
is fortuitous, as I was just about to circularize people on the Consortium
for Language Policy and Planning list about starting our own book review
system.  Joe LoBianco, of Language Australia (,
has volunteered to coordinate this (i.e. to be our "review editor")  and
what he and I envisaged doing was that if anyone had something to be
reviewed, to inform Joe at this address:
joe.lobianco at

Joe will then make it known to this list what book(s) is/are available and
volunteers who would like to publish a review, to be circularized on our
list, would contact Joe to sign up to find out how to obtain the book(s).
The review would then be "published" via our listserv and our website.

Joe and I will be conferring soon to decide on such issues as the length
of reviews, how soon after obtaining the book it would be expected to be
"due" and other issues of this sort.

H. Schiffman

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