Native [Canadian] American language policy question

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Tue Aug 10 14:35:47 UTC 2004

It's entirely California-based, however, I have very much enjoyed and
frequently refer lay and academic readers to:

Hinton, Leanne.1994.  Flutes of Fire: Essays on California Indian
Languages.  Berkeley, CA:  Heyday Books.

Not a specific focus on policy, although there's a section of essays about
it.  There are maps, a short history, general essays, short translations of
oral traditions, extracts from interviews from revitalization projects, and
so forth in it.  It's also a good thing for extracting teaching materials
-- undergrads really enjoy this book, even in Philadelphia which seems a
bit remote from California, but somehow it works, probably due to Hinton's
gifts as an engaging writer.  I'd contact Hinton with your query,
actually.  I think she's at Berkeley.

A good policy person is Devon Mihesuah, although I'm unsure whether
professor Mihesuah deals overtly with language. Check out:  _Indigenizing
the Academy: Transforming Scholarship and Empowering Communities_ written
with Angela Cavender Wilson (Contemporary Indigenous Issues Series), which
I admit I haven't read but intend to soon!  There's also a very good book
that I have indeed read by Mihesuah called _Repatriation Reader: Who Owns
American Indian Remains?_.  Students also respond strongly and positively
to Mihesuah, even though the issues are multilayered and
difficult.  Mihesuah goes deeply into recognition of tribes and government
issues, and has many articles out in journals as well.

Rachel Reynolds
Drexel University

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>Hello all,
>Can anyone recommend some good primary resources that provide a good
>summary of the major questions surrounding Native American language
>policy, recognition of tribes/nations by the US and Canadian governments
>(and the role language plays in gaining that recognition), and so on?
>Thanks very much.

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