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Title: Minority Languages in Europe
Subtitle: Frameworks, Status, Prospects
Series Title: Gabrielle Hogan-Brun and Stefan Wolff

Publication Year: 2003
Publisher:	Palgrave Macmillan

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Author: Gabrielle Hogan-Brun, Research Fellow in Language Studies at
	the University of Bristol, UK
Author: Stefan Wolff, Lecturer in the Department of European Studies,
	University of Bath, UK

Hardback: ISBN: 1403903964, Pages: 256, Price: £45/$69.95


'This book is a ...must...for those interested in multilingualism,
language planning and language policy, whether teachers, students,
politicians and scholars in the field. I recommend 'Minority Languages
in Europe' not only because of its timeliness and relevance, but also
because of its multidisciplinary approach to a better understanding of
language conflicts in Europe.' - Professor Dr. Peter H. Nelde,
Director of the Research Centre on Multilingualism, University of

Minority languages in Europe, as part of a common cultural heritage,
need protection. The contributions to this book reflect urgent,
stimulating and productive debates among researchers in
sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, politics and sociology, and
among language activists and policy makers. At the heart of the debate
are the effectiveness of the existing political and legal frameworks
aimed at protecting linguistic and cultural diversity, and prospects
for the survival of minority languages in the process of European

Notes on Contributors
List of Tables

Introduction: Minority Languages in Europe: An Introduction to the
	Current Debate; G.Hogan-Brun & S.Wolff
When Language is 'Just Symbolic': Reconsidering the Significance of
	Language to the Politics of Identity; C.O'Reilly

Devising an Adequate System of Minority Protection in the Area of
	Language Rights; K.Henrard
Facilitating or Generating Linguistic Diversity: Ulster-Scots and the
	European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages; M.N.Craith
The Practitioner's Perspective: Minority Languages and Linguistic
	Minorities in the Work of the OSCE High Commissioner on
	National Minorities; J.Packer

German-speaking Minorities in Central and Eastern Europe: An
	Assessment of the Legislative and Policy Framework in Poland,
	Hungary and Romania; K.Cordell & S.Wolff
Baltic National Minorities in a Transitional Setting; G.Hogan-Brun
Politics and Language Rights: A Case Study of Language Politics in
	Croatia; V.Pupavac
Minority Needs, or the Ambiguous Power of Translation; C.Millán-Varela
On Policies and Prospects for British Sign Language; G.H. Turner
The Changing Status of Romani in Europe; D.W.Halwachs

Conclusion: Contesting Linguistic Homogeneity: Minority Policies and
	the Nation-State; S.May

Lingfield(s):	Sociolinguistics

Written In:	English (Language Code: ENG)

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