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Forwarded from the LinguistList;  the list of languages that the FBI considers
are most needed to do its job.

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Message 1: Translation: Special Agent/Language Specialists, FBI
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Subject: Translation: Special Agent/Language Specialists, FBI

University or Organization: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Rank of Job: Special Agent/Language Specialists
Specialty Areas: General Linguistics, Language Acquisition,
Required Language(s): Arabic (ALL VARIETIES); Hassaniyya (Code = MEY);
Farsi, Western (Code = PES); Farsi, Eastern (Code = PRS); Aceh (Code =
ATJ); Malay, Baba (Code = BAL); Chinese (ALL VARIETIES); Indonesian,
Peranakan (Code = PEA); Tai Nüa (Code = TDD); Hebrew (Code = HBR);
Judeo-tat (Code = TAT); Bundeli (Code = BNS); Dogri-kangri (Code =
DOJ); Hindustani, Fijian (Code = HIF); Hindi (Code = HND); Hindustani,
Caribbean (Code = HNS); Broome Pearling Lugger Pidgin (Code = BPL);
Japanese (Code = JPN); Japanese Sign Language (Code = JSL); Korean
(Code = KKN); Korean Sign Language (Code = KVK); Pashto, Southern
(Code = PBT); Pashto, Northern (Code = PBU); Panjabi, Western (Code =
PNB); Panjabi, Eastern (Code = PNJ); Saami, Skolt (Code = LPK);
Romani, Baltic (Code = ROM); Russian Sign Language (Code = RSL);
Russian (Code = RUS); Belarusan (Code = RUW); Chavacano (Code = CBK);
Caló (Code = RMR); Ladino (Code = SPJ); Spanish (Code = SPN); Spanish,
Loreto-ucayali (Code = SPQ); Spanish Sign Language (Code = SSP);
Burduna (Code = BXN); Guruntum-mbaaru (Code = GRD); Urdu (Code = URD);
Vietnamese (Code = VIE)


Crime Translated

In today's complex times, the mission of the FBI is more focused than
ever on preserving the safety and integrity of our nation. The men and
women of the FBI are neutralizing terrorist cells...preventing attacks
and dismantling criminal networks worldwide...acting as key
contributors to homeland security...providing critical support to the
Executive Branch...thwarting attempts to compromise our national
security. There has never been a more rewarding time to excel among
America's Finest.

Do you speak a foreign language fluently?  If so, there's a place for
you in today's FBI!  Language needs include: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi,
Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Pashtu, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish,
Urdu, and Vietnamese.

Become a Special Agent and help protect our nation. Your foreign
language skills are especially valuable at the FBI, particularly if
you hold a Bachelor's degree and have proficiency in any of the
languages mentioned above. Work experience requirements are waived for
those candidates who are to pass the FBI foreign language proficiency
exam and meet other eligibility requirements.

The FBI also seeks Special Agent candidates with experience in the
followingcritical skill areas: Computer Science or IT, Engineering,
Foreign Counterintelligence, Information Systems Security, Military
Intelligence, Physical Sciences, and Accounting/Financial Management.

To qualify for the FBI Special Agent position, you must possess a
four-year college degree plus three years of professional work
experience, be available for assignment anywhere in the FBI's
jurisdiction, be between the ages of 23 and 36, and be in excellent
physical condition with the ability to pass a rigorous physical
fitness test.

The important role our Professional Support staff plays in our
national security is unquestionable.  We are increasing our focus on
retaining quality candidates for critical openings such as:
Intelligence Analysts, Language Specialists, Financial Analysts,
Computer Specialists o Investigative Specialists, and many more

Please see our Web site for complete details and/or to apply
online. Positions are added daily.

Visit: http://www.fbijobs.com

You must be a U.S. citizen and consent to a complete background
investigation, drug test, and polygraph as a prerequisite for
employment. Only those candidates determined to be best qualified will
be contacted to proceed in the selection process.

The FBI is an equal opportunity employer.

Address for Applications:

        Attn: FBI
        935 Pennsylvania Ave., NW (Mail in apps not accepted!)
        Apply online for consideration
        Washington, DC 20535
	United States of America

	Position is open until filled.

Contact Information:
        Email: randerson at dc.hodes.com
        Website: http://www.fbijobs.com

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