2005 ISLS Conference - First Call for Papers

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I forwarded it to the Language policy list.....should I not have done that?

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I'm a member and get the same stuff you do.  no need to forward anything.

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Below you will find the First Call for Papers for the 2005 ISLS conference.
As a subscriber to Critical Inquiry in Language Studies: An International
Journal, you are well aware of the focus of this publication and ISLS more
generally. It would be much appreciated if you could post this call and/ or
send it out to interested colleagues and graduate students within your
institution. An rtf version is provided in the attachment in case this could
be of use. 

Thank you very much. 

Susan Parks
ISLS Conference Publicity Committee  

Associate Professor
Département de langues, linguistique et traduction
Université Laval
Québec, PQ (Canada)


2005 Conference of the International Society for Language Studies 

Monday, April 18 - Wednesday, April 20
Montréal, Canada

Conference web site:

www.isls-inc.org/ <http://www.isls-inc.org/> 
www.isls-inc.org/ <http://www.isls-inc.org/> 

The International Society for Language Studies (ISLS) encourages and
promotes critical discourse and research in language matters, broadly
conceived.  Papers may be submitted for the following session strands: 

-         Discourse and Identity
-       Education
-       Interdisciplinary Foci
-       Language Professions
-       Pedagogy
-       Policy
-       Research Methodology
-       Technology

Presentation proposals are accepted via the ISLS website. Various
presentation formats are possible: individual paper, paper session, seminar.
We particularly encourage multiple paper proposals as a  venue for scholars
engaged in research and dialogue on special interest topics.  

As an international organization with members from every continent, ISLS
encourages a multilingual event. Although the principal language of the
conference will be English, authors may submit proposals and present papers
in the language of their choice. In an effort to appeal to the broadest of
audiences and to ensure both audience attendance and participation in
conference sessions, authors are strongly encouraged to prepare support
materials (hand-outs, overhead transparencies, slides, concurrent bilingual
translation) in a language likely to be common to attendees. Sessions will
be organized by topic, not language, unless a group of authors propose an
entire session.

Deadline for proposals: October 1, 2004.
Conference Chair: John Watzke.

The ISLS Conference directly follows the 2005 American Educational Research
Association (AERA)  conference. 


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