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Partnership for Diversity forum calls on MEPs to promote lesser-used
languages in European electoral campaigns
Flensburg 2/23/2004 by Alexia Bos Solé

The 4th Partnership for Diversity Forum (PfD) 2004 held in Flensburg ended
on Saturday, with more than 150 people, representing over 40 minority
languages, in attendance. The PfD Forum was established to discuss the
situation and problems of lesser-used languages in Europe and to get to know
about the specific situation of several minority languages. The conference
concluded with a call to MEPs to promote lesser-used languages in the
forthcoming European election campaigns. more

New research on cross-border language issues in Europe
Flensburg 2/22/2004 by Alexia Bos Solé

‘Trans-frontier co-operation and cross-border Languages in Europe’ was the
title of Professor Nic Craith’s talk at the PfD conference in Flensburg.
Mrs. Nic Craith, professor at University of Ulster and at the Academy for
Irish Cultural Heritage, focused on the different status of cross border
languages, the financial programmes for languages and the extent of
cross-border co-operation. more

'Transfrontier Cooperation and Cross Border Languages in Europe’ at the 2004
Partnership for Diversity Forum
Flensburg 2/20/2004 by Alexia Bos Solé

‘The border is a meeting point of differences and understanding’, said Mr.
Jens Gabbe, Director of the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) in
the Partnership for Diversity (PfD) Forum 2004 held in the city of
Flensburg. This year the forum focused on best practice in border regions
and aimed to discuss solutions on how to improve development in the regions
of Europe. more

Hungarian government to spend nearly 4 million euros setting up
Transylvanian Hungarian TV in Romania, meanwhile language discrimination
Kolozsvár / Cluj 2/19/2004 by Áron Balló

The Hungarian Government is expected to spend around 1 billion Hungarian
Forints (around 3.846 million euros) on setting up a Hungarian-language
television in Romania. Currently, no such television exists, only the
different public and commercial TV stations have some broadcasting in a
minority language. However, this is set against a background over the last
fortnight of numerous incidents of linguistic discrimination against
Hungarian speakers. more

Students protest at lack of Welsh language teaching
Penygroes 2/19/2004 by Dafydd Meirion

Protests have recently been held by students at the University of Wales
Aberystwyth due to what they perceive as the lack of Welsh-language
teaching. The students say that the only solution is a federal
Welsh-language college, but the National Assembly says that it has already
given £225,000 towards Welsh language teaching in universities and that they
cannot see the establishing of such a college until at least 2010. more

Linguistic policies: ‘Europe is a common project. Everybody has to
contribute’ says European Parliament Vice-President Joan Colom i Naval
Brussel / Bruxelles 2/17/2004 by Alexia Bos Solé

‘Europe is a common project. Everybody has to contribute’ says European
Parliament Vice-President Joan Colom i Naval speaking about linguistic
policies in today’s Eurolang interview. more

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