printability and standardization

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Dear B Philippe (or should it be P Blanchet?)
    could you tell me what the old plural for lingua franca was in
Provençal? Terry Kaufman says we do not know and usually he knows
everything. Christina Paulston

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> Stan & Sandy Anonby a écrit :
>> Do you have to have a standard spelling system/orthography?
> It depends on what you call a "standard" spelling system. For Corsican
> and for Provençal (the lattest being a first language for me), there is
> a set of principles of a phonetic spelling (the values of latin
> letters), more phonetic for Corsican than for Provençal in which we also
> have a few unpronounced morphological marks at the end of some words:
> each one applies these principles to write down his own variety. It
> means that the same word is written differently according to the local
> phonetics and morphology (and obviously vocabulary).
> e. g. for "The little girls playing on sunday"  , I (from Marseilles)
> write:
> "Lei pichóunei fiho juegon lou diminche",
> someone from Arles or Avignon would write:
> "Li pichòti fiho jogon lou dimenche"
> and someone from the higher mountains would write:
> "Les pichotos filhos jugon lou dimenge".
> Best,
> Ph. B.
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>> > Hello everybody
>> >
>> > I do agree with J. Fishman's remarks about standardization.
>> > The 'polynomic' way of promoting both Corsican and Provençal in France,
>> > or the Walser's germanic varieties in Italy, have shown that a language
>> > can be written and printed (and even taught) with no standard and a
>> > total respect for all its varieties, provided the spelling system allows
>> > to write down various specific characteristics (which is the case).
>> >
>> > Ph. B.
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