Revitalizing Algonquian Languages

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Revitalizing Algonquian Languages: Sharing Effective Language
Renewal Practices II

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Subject: Revitalizing Algonquian Languages: Sharing Effective Language
Renewal Practices II

Date: 18-Feb-2004 - 20-Feb-2004
Location: Mashantucket, Connecticut, United States of America
Contact: Charlene Jones
Contact Email: DebGregoire at

A second conference on ''Revitalizing Algonquian Languages Conference:
Sharing Effective Language Renewal Practices'' will be held February
18-20, 2004, at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center,
Mashantucket, Connecticut. Papers are invited in the areas of
Algonquian linguistic preservation, revitalization, education
programs, and innovational technologies.

Revitalizing Algonquian Languages (Mashantucket, CT, Feb. 19-20)

The Historical & Cultural Preservation Committee of the Mashantucket
Pequot Tribe is sponsoring a 2nd conference on ''Revitalizing
Algonquian Languages: Sharing Effective Renewal Practices,'' to be
held at the Tribe's museum and research center in Mashantucket,
Connecticut, on February 19-20.  Keynote speakers will be Wayne Newell
(Passamaquoddy Language) and Jessie Little Doe Fermino (Wpanak
Language Project).

Presentations will include:

Christine Lemley (U Wisconsin-Madison), ''Elders, Teachers and
Students: Intergenerational Transfer of the Menominee Language''

Wesley Leonard (UC Berkeley & Miami Tribe of OK), ''Language Renewal
in the Home: A Case Study''

Lori Quigley & Mary Todd (Seneca Lg Project), ''Onn:dowa'ga
Gaw:no' Curriculum: Instruction and Assessment''

Tonya Shenandoah (Syracuse U), ''Language and the Collective Spirit of
our Elders''

Wendy Geniusz & Anne Marie Geniusz (U of Minnesota), ''Ojibwe Language
CD Project, University of Minnesota''

Bruce Pearson (U of S Carolina), ''An Interactive Language Learning CD
for Delaware''

James Crews (Swifteagle Enterprises), ''T.R.A.I.L.S. -- Teaching,
Restoration & Archiving of Indigenous Languages Software''

Robert Leavitt (U of New Brunswick) & David Francis (Margaret Apt
Wahponahki Museum), ''Dictionary Development for

Stephen Greymorning (U of Montana), ''Giving Voice to Our Children''

Blair Rudes, ''Weaving New Words: Revitalizing the Vocabulary of

Inee Yang Slaughter, Gerald Hill & Tessie Naranjo (Indigenous Language
Institute), ''Dynamics of Interdisciplinary Think-Tank Events: ILI
'Relate' Model''

Jon Reyhner (N Arizona U), ''Revitalizing Languages, Communities and

David J. Costa, ''Reconstructing the Sounds of Pequot: Problems and

Richard E. Little Bear, ''The Joys of Working with the Cheyenne

Margaret Cook-Peters, ''Using Modern Technology & Traditional
Teachings to Develop Fun Language Resources'' [Mohawk]

Paul Tamburro, ''A Multi-Disciplinary Teaching Model for
Community-Based Language Teachers'' [Shawnee]

Muwekma Ohlone Language Program, ''Nonwente mak mak-noono: Chochenyo
Revitalization in Action''

Maura Dhu Studi & Wes Studi (ILI), ''Motivating Youth: ILI 'Youth
Language Fair'.''

For further information, contact:  Charlene Jones, Tribal Council
Secretary, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, 2 Matts Path, Mashantucket,
CT 06338.

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