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	The word about Native Nations, Native Voices continues to spread.  I
thought you might find of interest this letter from the editor of the
Talking Stick Native Arts Quarterly in New York.
	Thank you.

Gordon Bronitsky

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July 19, 2004

Dear Mr. Bronitsky:
As editor of Talking Stick Native Arts Quarterly, I am both excited and
thrilled by the idea of a Native language writers festival. Talking
Stick, published by American Indian Artists Inc. (AMERINDA), in New
York City, has a circulation of 3,000 and is seen by an additional
67,000 readers primarily on the east coast of the United States. The
AMERINDA web site, (, which publishes a web edition of
Talking Stick has been visited by an average of 278,742 visitors since
it's inception in 1997. The goal of our quarterly publication is to
promote, produce and give voice to Native arts, both contemporary and

American Indian Artists, Inc. (AMERINDA) recently copublished Genocide
of the Mind, with Nation Books, a nonfiction anthology of new Native
writing. With this in mind, we offer our full support to the "Native
Nations, Native Voices Festival."

Talking Stick will be active in the promotion of this event by giving
voice to some of the writers involved in the Festival. We encourage
those interested in reviving and preserving our languages to offer
their voices in support as well.

Steve Elm (Oneida)
Editor, Talking Stick Native Arts Quarterly

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