Language Loss

P. Kerim Friedman kerim.list at
Tue Mar 2 05:57:11 UTC 2004

There is one article that I think really must be added to the
"Bibliography on Language Standardization, Language Attitudes, Minority
Languages, and related topics."

Errington, Joseph. "Getting Language Rights: the Rhetorics of Language
Endagerment and Loss." American Anthropologist 105 (2003): 723-32.

Errington usefully re-frames debates about language preservation in a
way that directly relates to the discussions on this list which
initially prompted the bibliography. Nora England's article on the
contribution of Mayan linguists to the preservation of their language,
from the same issue, is equally relevant, and should also be added to
the list. Actually, the whole issue is relevant, since it is focused on
this topic, but these two articles caught my attention at the time. The
December issue can now be accessed in PDF form by AAA members by
logging on to the AAA web site member portal and clicking the link at
the bottom which reads "International Members - Your AA is available
now." <>

- kerim

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