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I find it interesting that M. Vasanth, author of the e-letter from the UK, leaves the ideology of the nation state of India very much non-negotiable. Here, the focus is on the role of that nation state in mediating flows of resources and information. Opposing "fanaticism" and realizing "progress" through processes of reason and control (the ubiquitous act of "gaining an upper hand") are concerns. --Maggie

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> Sir,
> This has reference to the report titled Circulars in language of
> minorities land in trouble (SOM dt. April 30).
> The so-called researchers and doctors talk about 'deep conspiracy to
> disintegrate Karnataka in a phased manner'; little do they
> understand that
> their actions seem to disintegrate India in a phased manner.
> Why do they still cling on to the ideals of yesteryears, which
> make no
> sense in the era of new economy and liberalised India where trade /
> commerce can take place across State boundaries and languages
> paving the
> way for a better economy and living conditions for its citizens?
> I don't see why it should be a problem if the circulars are issued in
> additional languages. It will aid the people from other States
> understandthem.
> The main purpose of circulars are to inform the people of important
> matters, and addition of other languages just seem to serve the
> purposebetter. When other countries have accepted Indian languages
> to issue
> circulars etc., (Singapore, Malaysia) due to a vast number of
> minoritiesspeaking the Indian language, I don't see why it should
> be a problem in a
> State within India.
> Our country is full of fanatics who fight for a cause blindly with no
> reasoning. India can progress only when reasoning and common sense
> gainthe upper hand.
> M. Vasanth, on e-mail, United Kingdom, 1.5.2004

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