Native Nations, Native Voices: The Movie--and Music

Gordon Bronitsky g.bronitsky at
Tue Nov 2 19:04:42 UTC 2004

	Brent Michael Davids (Mohican) is perhaps the outstanding American
Indian composer today.  Much to our surprise, he just sent us a query
letter about his interest in scoring the music for the documentary,
Native Nations, Native Voices:  The Movie.  As a film composer, his
music moves between the worlds of the Kronos Quartet, Joffrey Ballet
and Native American Song.  Here in New Mexico, he is perhaps best known
for his work, Powwow Symphony, which was commissioned by the New Mexico
Symphony Orchestra in 1999.	
	We are still raising the funds for the festival and for the
documentary, but I thought you might find his letter of interest.
Please let me know if you would like more information about Mr. Davids
and his work.
	Thank you.

				Gordon Bronitsky

October 28, 2004

RE:  Film Music Scoring for Native Nations, Native Voices:  The Movie

Hello, Gordon

I am the President, Founder and primary composer for the Blue Butterfly
Group, an American Indian film composer business.  I am the TOP INDIAN
COMPOSER in the United States.  I am a master composer in all genres
and styles of composed music (including full orchestra) as well as an
expert in American Indian music of many traditions and types.  I have
written for (and performed with) the London Symphony Orchestra for film
scoring, as well as apprenticed with SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE composer
Stephen Warbeck.

I am very interested in scoring the music soundtrack for your film
Native Nations, Native Voices:  The Movie.

Here is a package on my work, including a demo reel (DVD).  I can
discuss the film scoring at any time. . . .

Your project sounds interesting and I would be happy to score it for
you; I am the top film composer in Indian country.  Thank you for your
professional consideration and response.


Brent Michael Davids

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