Native Nations, Native Voices--Alaska, Minnesota, Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, Macedonia

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Tue Nov 9 04:26:05 UTC 2004

	Native Nations, Native Voices continues to gain national and 
international attention.   I just got a call from Allen Joseph, a Yupik 
from the Yukon-Kuskokwin Health Corporation in Alaska about their 
interest in attending and recommending writers for future festivals.  
And I thought you might also find of interest these e-mails from

--University of Arizona
--University of Oklahoma
--Chandler Unified School District, Arizona (suburban Phoenix)
--University of Utah, and

Ever onward!

Gordon Bronitsky
	From: 	  yakohmichi at
	Subject: 	Re: Native Nations, Native Voices
	Date: 	November 8, 2004 5:12:05 PM MST
	To: 	  g.bronitsky at

. . . . . .
Yes, I would like to be kept informed. I am located in outstate 
Minnesota (Cass Lake and Leech Lake Reservation-though I'm not an 
Just today, I passed on the word to (1) an Instructor at the Leech Lake 
Tribal College [two MA's and also a tribal storyteller], (2) an 
Anishinabe Public Relations professional, and (3) one known published 
Anishinabe (aka Chippewa or Ojibwe) writer, also the former Tribal 
Secretary/Treasurer for the Leech Lake (LL) Band of Chippewa. Hopefully 
they will be contacting you soon.
Additional prospects:
Professor Larry Aitken, a LL historian and former president of the LL 
Tribal College, has had his work(s) published and is now working at 
Bemidji State University.(
The American Indian Higher Education Consortium ( 
) is another resource and would serve as an excellent opportunity for 
tribal college students.
Should I think of or find out about others, I will pass the information 
	From: 	  reginas at
	Subject: 	Re: Native Nations, Native Voices
	Date: 	November 8, 2004 4:11:58 PM MST
	To: 	  g.bronitsky at
	Cc: 	  ofelia at

Hi Gordon,
. . . . . .
Your Native Nations, Native Voices Festival sounds very interesting. 
It's true that many indigenous languages are in danger of becoming 
extinct quicker than we want them to so certainly these writers deserve 
to be honored for their efforts in revitalizing, maintaining and 
preserving our precious languages.
(Siqueiros, American Indian Language Development Institute (AILDI), 
University of Arizona)


	From: 	  haag at
	Subject: 	Re: Native Nations, Native Voices
	Date: 	November 5, 2004 3:40:08 PM MST
	To: 	  g.bronitsky at

Dear Dr. Bronitsky,

The program sounds very interesting.  I have known and worked with 
Steele for a long time and am glad that she will participate.

Would you kindly send me more information about the event, please?  Our
summers get so crowded, and I have the schedules of family members to
consider, so I need to reserve time soon if I plan to participate.

This medium is OK, or you may mail to:

Marcia Haag
780 Van Vleet Oval, Room 222
U. Oklahoma
Norman, OK  73019

(Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Linguistics, 
University of Oklahoma)

	From: 	  Capadona.Nel at
	Subject: 	festival
	Date: 	November 5, 2004 2:50:45 PM MST
	To: 	  g.bronitsky at

I an the Indian Education coordinator for our school district, and
would like more information about the festival to share with our
Thank you

Roneldal Capadona
Instructional Specialist @ IRC
Chandler Unified School District

	From: 	  lcampbel at
	Subject: 	Re: Native Nations, Native Voices
	Date: 	November 5, 2004 8:28:49 AM MST
	To: 	  g.bronitsky at

Dear Gordon,_

Many thanks for your message -- the Native Nations, Native Voices 
sounds great -- I wish you all success.  It sounds like just the sort of
thing needed to encourage the American Indian languages.  I am not 
what we here at the Center (CAIL, Center for American Indian Languages)
can do directly to help, but I definitely will pass the word along to 
Shoshoni writers here, and when we get our website up and running, 
it would be good to put a link on it to this -- the more information, 
better.  Unfortunately, I have to be away doing fieldwork in July next
year; otherwise, I would very much like the opportunity to attend.
Possibly it might be good at the festival to make known to the
participants the resources available for addressing the language 
American Indian groups have to deal with.  Perhaps we can offer 
they can refer to or take away in that area, just a list of 
and websites and programs.

All the best,
(Campbell, Center for American Indian Languages, University of Utah)

	From: 	  katakula at
	Subject: 	Re: Native Nations, Native Voices--Greenland, the 
Netherlands, and the Documentary
	Date: 	October 26, 2004 7:02:01 PM MDT
	To: 	  g.bronitsky at

prepare some selection pf Native voices poetry to be presented on 
web E-collection of PEN International.
We shell make translation into Macedonian language and french/Spanish.
Some of the poets could come to Ohrid Conference, next September.

Kata Kulakvova
(Diversity & Translation and Linguistic Rights Committee
Diversity - TaLRC
Macedonian P.E.N. Centre
MKC, Dimitar Vlahov Quay
1000 Skopje, R Macedonia
tel/fax: + 389 2 1221 35)

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