Call for Papers-Croatian Bishop Strossmayer- April 2005, Krakow

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The Croatian, Serbian and Slovene Department of Jagiellonian University is
organizing an international  conference

Josip Juraj Strossmayer:

Jugoslavism, Ecumenism, Europe

which will take place in Krakow, Poland April 28-30. 2005. The conference
aims to put a multidimensional light on one of the outstanding, though
variously estimated, figures of Croatian culture in the 19th century.
Strossmayer, who died in May 1905. – was the Catholic bishop of Djakovo in
Slavonia, on the Croatian border between the East and the West, and was
respected and honoured by his Orthodox neighbours as a predecessor of
contemporary ecumenism. He was also a politician and outstanding patron of
culture, the originator of the idea of a Croatian Tuscany, according to
which all the South Slavs should be integrated on the basis of cultural
co-operation. This idea was an essential alternative to projects for a
Greater Croatia and Greater Serbia. It was meant to be a chance for
political emancipation of the nations of the region and to assure them a
suitable place among all the European nations.

The official language of the conference is Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian; plenary
sessions are planned. There is no conference fee, all expenses for
accommodations (between April 27th and 30th) are covered by the organizers.
Post-conference proceedings will be published as a book.

Each presentation should not exceed 20 minutes, as one of the most important
points of the gathering will be a discussion about the Bishop himself and
his accomplishments (portions of the discussions will also be published).
Please submit your proposals, including title, abstract and personal
affiliation by January 31 2005 to the following address:

Instytut Filologii Slowianskiej UJ

al. Mickiewicza 9/11

30-120 Kraków Polska

(with the note

„Strossmayer” on the envelope)

Or e-mail:

mczerw at


      Prof. dr. Maria Dabrowska-Partyka


      Dr. Maciej Czerwinski

Dr Maciej Czerwinski
Instytut Filologii Slowianskiej
Uniwersytet Jagiellonski
al. Mickiewicza 9/11
30-120 Kraków

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