EARTH/HKLNA-Project 22nd Newsletter (2nd Call for ILEC2004 Colloquium)

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Wed Sep 1 13:56:29 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

EARTH would like to begin by apologizing for its recent cluttering of
the list with personal email exchanges. This is the first mailing list
on which I have ever participated for which hitting the reply button
meant addressing email to the entire list. It took some getting used

In this email I would like to take advantage of Kerim Friedman's
suggestion with regard to the use of brackets and reference links and
invite you all to open to the 22nd issue of the HKLNA-Project's monthly
newsletter. Hopefully Kerim is correct and you will be able to access
it with a single click. Let's see if it works.


If not, please cut and paste, and make sure that you eliminate any
hidden carriage returns. They often appear as blanks in the URL.

Many thanks to Professor Schiffman for making this list possible.

EARTH looks forward to your response.


R. A. Stegemann, A.B., M.A., M.A.
EARTH's Manager and HKLNA-Project Director
EARTH - East Asian Research and Translation in Hong Kong
Tel/Fax: 852 2630 0349
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