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Journal of Multilingual & Multicultural Development, 24/6, 2003

Zvi Bekerman and Nader Shhadi:
Palestinian-Jewish Bilingual Education in Israel: Its Influence on
Cultural Identities and its Impact on Intergroup Conflict

Liang Chua Morita:
Language Shift in the Thai Chinese Community

Mara del Carmen Mndez Garca, Paloma Castro Prieto and Lies Sercu:
Contextualising the Foreign Language. An Investigation of the Extent
of Teachers' Sociocultural Background Knowledge

Lewis Glinert, Kate Miriam Loewenthal and Vivienne Goldblatt:
Guarding the Tongue: A Thematic Analysis of Gossip Control Strategies
among Orthodox Jewish Women in London

Dirk Hoerder:
Pluralist Founding Nations in Anglo- and Franco-Canada: Multiple
Migrations, Influences, Reconceptualisations

Book Reviews

Culture and Politics: A Comparative Approach

Chicano School Failure and Success: Past, Present and Future

Lingua Franca Communication

Language, Society and Power: An Introduction

Alternative Conceptions of Civil Society

The Politics of Recognizing Difference: Multiculturalism Italian Style

Developing Professional-Level Language Proficiency

Minority Protection in Post-apartheid South Africa: Human Rights,
Minority Rights and Self-determination

Language, Discourse and Power in African American Culture

Black American Students in an Affluent Suburb: A Study of Academic

Understanding Storytelling Among African American Children

The Ethnography of Communication

Citizenship, Diversity and Pluralism: Canadian and Comparative

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