Native Nations, Native Voices/NYU, Mexico And Maybe Even Argentina

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Thu Sep 16 19:41:35 UTC 2004

	Native Nations, Native Voices continues to gain publicity.  I thought 
you might find of interest this letter from a literary scholar at New 
York University.  The Mapuche she refers to in her letter are an Indian 
nation in southern Argentina and Chile--word about this festival is 
really spreading!  If I can't receive some sort of major financial 
commitment by October 8, I'll have to explore ways to produce this 
festival elsewhere--I am more determined than ever to provide a 
platform for these writers, for the birth of this new literary genre.


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Anna M. Brígido-Corachán, ABD
Department of Comparative Literature
New York University
19, University Place 3rd floor
New York, NY 10003							New York 09/17/2004

     Dear Dr. Bronitsky,

I would like to congratulate and thank you for the organization of 
Native Nations. Native Voices. A Festival of Readings in Native 
Languages by Native Writers.
I have been engaging native writings of the Americas in my work during 
the past few years and I was delighted to hear about this Festival. 
There are very few opportunities for native voices to be heard, and 
very few venues where they can present their stories and world-views in 
their own languages. The social and literary space you are opening in 
Albuquerque is of the utmost importance for the strenghtening of these 
autochthonous American languages, most of which have a dwindling number 
of speakers. The festival will also bring very needed institutional and 
public support to the work of these excellent writers.
I certainly hope I can attend and will also publicize the event among 
my friends and colleagues in universities and cultural centers in 
Mexico and the United States. I am sure that the Asociación de 
Escritores en Lenguas Indígenas, in Mexico City, will be happy to send 
representantives to future Festivals. I am also in contact with writers 
in languages like Mapuche that would be very interested in 
participating and attending.
It would be wonderful if New York University could host this event in 
following years!  I will contact academic departments that would be 
interested in this matter.
Please let me know if I can help in any other way.

Anna M. Brígido-Corachán

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