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Sun Sep 26 17:22:04 UTC 2004

					September 26, 2004

	Native Nations, Native Voices continues to attract more attention.  I
thought you might find of interest these letters from the University of
South Dakota and from a Sami writer in Sweden.  The Sami (formerly
known as Lapplanders) are the Indigenous people of Scandinavia.
	I hope to get some funding commitments by October 8 but in any case I
will continue to do my best to keep the festival here in New Mexico.
	Thank you.

Gordon Bronitsky


 From the desk of
Debra S. Norris, Ed.D, MSW, LCSW

September 24, 2004

Gordon Bronitsky, PhD
Bronitsky and Associates
3715 La Hacienda Dr NE
Albuquerque, NM  87110

Dear Gordon,

I am pleased to write a letter of support for Native Nations, Native
Voices. I have been fortunate to watch the progress of your vision grow
into a festival honoring many “Native Voices.”  I have been humbled by
the process. Against many odds you have given Native artists the
opportunity to share their stories, and their languages.

As a social worker and educator I know how valuable it is to be given a
“voice”. I know well the strength of hearing your own “voice”. I also
know the power of “voice” as it is shared with others. I can not
applaud, or thank you enough for this work. I send encouragement and
hope for continued success in your endeavors.

Sincerely Sent,

Debra S. Norris
Assistant Professor
Social Work Program
University of South Dakota

ky and Associates

 I read in the latest newsletter about NATIVE NATIONS, NATIVE VOICES it
sound to be a very interesting project.

‘I write poems in my native language Sámi, I have just sent the script
to my second poetrybook to my publishercompany.

 My first book Galbma Rádna 1999 – got very good response  and vas
nominated to the Nordic

Councils Literature award in 2000. The book is translated to Swedish
and Icelandic and is now under translation to Finnish.

 I have been reading my poems in many places around Scandinavia. I read
in Sámi followed by a translation.

 I am very interested to participate in the Native Voices with readings
from my new book,

if it is possible.


 Rose-Marie Huuva

 E-Mail: rose-marie.huuva at


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