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>>From the Navhind Times, Sunday, April 17, 2005

BJP to take up recruitment policy with dept of Posts
NT Staff Reporter

Panaji, April 16: The former chief minister, Mr Manohar Parrikar said the
controversy linked to the recruitment of candidates in the postal service,
is the result of the lack of initiative on the part of the state
administration to find a solution.

The BJP demanded that the Office of the Postmaster General, Goa region,
Department of Posts immediately follow the Recruitment Rule Policy of the
state government, word-to-word and refrain from expanding the scope of
these recruitment rules, he said.

The condition of the Department of Posts which makes it compulsory for the
candidates seeking job in the postal service to pass the SSC examination
with Konkani as subject, will automatically disqualify 95 per cent of the
Goans, Mr Parrikar pointed out.

That is because large number of Goans opt for other languages like
Marathi, Sanskrit, French and Portuguese as the second language during SSC
class, with an objective to score more marks in the particular subject, he
remarked, adding that this situation would do grave injustice to a
majority of Goan youth.

The BJP has decided to meet the concerned postal authorities at the state
as well as the central level, on April 18, he informed.

He also charged that though around 589 vacancies including those of the
linemen have been created in the Electricity Department, no recruitment is
taking place. Once the monsoon advances in Goa, there will be no one to
attend the public grievances linked to the electricity failure, he pointed

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