Movement to officialize English not dead

Francis M Hult fmhult at
Wed Apr 20 01:34:52 UTC 2005

There are lists of official languages on Wikipedia by language:

and by country:

It's not clear what data these lists are based upon, though.  Since
Wikipedia is a 'free-content,' open-edit resource, it's possible that
contributions have been provided by people with direct knowledge of the
legislation in each context.

There is also a developing section on language policy

as well as a number of other language-related issues that members of this
list could probably add to.


"Harold F. Schiffman" wrote:

Lynn and others:

I'm interested in the kinds of statistics in general that are used in
these kinds of claims.  Another message I sent around today (cloned from
USEnglish, I think) claimed that 92% of the world's countries have
official languages.  Is there anywhere that one can verify such claims?
Who keeps stats on these things?


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