Ukrainian language policy on Russian language

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Sun Apr 24 15:27:12 UTC 2005

"Prosvita" has got a second wind and is indignant about a decree for the
protection of civil rights in using of Russian language


News | 23 April 2005 | 11:16
VII Congress of "Prosvita" Ukrainian Society was held in Ukrainian House
yesterday. Pavel Movchan, the Head of the society was reelected.

Movchan stressed that today "Prosvita" has got a second wind and expressed
an assurance that "Prosvita" may become an accessory impulse to solve
problems that were accumulated not only during 15 years, but during "the
entire colonialism". Participants of the Congress have adopted a statement
"About the state and functioning of Ukrainian language in Ukraine". It
says that employees of sphere of education "are indignant about recent
statements of Pyotr Poroshenko, the Head of the Council of National
Security and Defense, who regards the protection of Russian language as
his one of the main objective and, also, by draft decree "On protection of
civil rights in using of Russian language and languages of other
nationalities in Ukraine", which outrages rights of ethnic Ukrainians".

Keeping in mind an idea that "using of languages must be a factor for
unity and not discord in a state", delegates of the VII Congress appealed
to the President of Ukraine with a request to establish a consultative and
advisory council for language policy to be controlled by the President.

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