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Title: Legacies of Colonial English
Subtitle: Studies in Transported Dialects
Series Title: Studies in English Language
Published: 2005
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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As a result of colonization, many varieties of English now exist around
the world. Legacies of Colonial English brings together a team of
internationally-renowned scholars to discuss the role of British dialects
in both the genesis and subsequent history of postcolonial Englishes.
Considering the input of Scottish, English and Irish dialects, they
closely examine a wide range of Englishes - including those in North and
South America, South Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand - and
explain why many of them still reflect non-standard British usage from the
distant past. Complete with a checklist of dialect features, a detailed
glossary and set of general references on the topic of postcolonial
Englishes, this book will be an invaluable source to scholars and students
of English Language and Linguistics, particularly those interested in
sociolinguistics, historical linguistics and dialectology.

Contributors:  Raymond Hickey, Caroline Macafee, Merja Kyto, Laura Wright,
Walt Wolfram, Natalie Schilling-Estes, Shana Poplack, Sali Tagliamonte, J.
K. Chambers, Sandra Clarke, Edgar W. Schneider, Michael Montgomery, Roger
Lass, Daniel Schreier, Andrea Sudbury, Scott Kiesling, Elizabeth Gordon,
Peter Trudgill, Suzanne Romaine

Raymond Hickey

Part I. Out of Britain:
1. Dialects of English and their transportation
Raymond Hickey
2. Scots and Scottish English
Caroline Macafee
3. Development and diffusion of Irish English
Raymond Hickey

Part II. The New World:
4. The emergence of American English
Merja Kyt
5. The language of deported Londoners
Laura Wright
6. Remnant dialects in the coastal United States
Walt Wolfram and Natalie Schilling-Estes
7. Verbal -s in the (African American) English diaspora
Shana Poplack and Sali Tagliamonte
8. 'Canadian dainty': the rise and decline of Briticisms in mainland
Canadian English
J. K. Chambers
9. The legacy of British and Irish English in Newfoundland
Sandra Clarke
10. The English dialect heritage of the Southern United States
Edgar W. Schneider
11. Solving Kurath's puzzle: establishing the antecedents of the American
midland dialect region
Michael Montgomery
12. English dialect input to the Caribbean
Raymond Hickey

Part III. The Southern Hemisphere:
13. South African English
Roger Lass
14. English transported to the south Atlantic Ocean: Tristan da Cunha
Daniel Schreier
15. English on the Falklands
Andrea Sudbury
16. English input to Australia
Scott Kiesling
17. English input to New Zealand
Elizabeth Gordon and Peter Trudgill
18. English input to the English-lexicon pidgins and creoles of the
Suzanne Romaine

Part IV. English in Asia:
19. Asian Englishes, origin and structure
Raymond Hickey
20. South Asian Englishes
Raymond Hickey
21. South-east Asian Englishes
Raymond Hickey

Part V. Appendixes:
22. Checklist of nonstandard features
Raymond Hickey
23. Glossary of terms
Raymond Hickey
24. General references
Raymond Hickey
25. Timeline for varieties of English
Raymond Hickey
26. Maps of anglophone locations
Raymond Hickey

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