Fijian Teachers discuss national language policy

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Tue Aug 9 14:25:54 UTC 2005

>>From the Fiji Times Limited.

Fijian language workshop held
 (Thursday, August 04, 2005)

The national language policy was the main issue discussed at the retired
Fijian teachers' workshop yesterday. Participants raised many concerns
over the enormous change of the Fijian language in particular the dialects
of various places. And one of their alternatives is to try and introduce
the teaching of the dialect at primary school level to the appropriate

Committee of the Vunilagi Foundation, which is the association of retired
teachers, Naomi Tuinakelo said that the teaching is really necessary and
should be made compulsory in rural schools to avoid facing the problem
that are now being faced. For instance, the Nadroga dialect should be
taught in all schools in Nadroga."

"Most people have adopted the dialect of the place they grow up in and
also they have used inappropriate words that is not part of their
dialect," Ms Tuinakelo said.

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