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>Cornell Conference on Language and Poverty
>October 14-16, 2005
>This conference, organized by the linguistics department at Cornell
>University, has two central objectives: (1) to highlight the complex
>interconnections of language and poverty for a general audience, and (2)
>to promote exchange among scholars of language and of culture and poverty
>as well as community-based language activists on work with endangered
>languages in impoverished communities.  Day one pursues the first
>objective of outreach and general education; days two and three are
>primarily devoted to the second and more specialized
>effort.  Distinguished scholars and community workers from around the
>world will be joined by commentators drawn from a wide range of
>departments and programs at Cornell.
>There is no registration fee but those planning to participate are asked
>to register at so that we
>can plan for refreshments and the conference dinner on Saturday.  Some
>scholarship support is still available to defray travel and accommodations
>costs for those who do not hold regular academic appointments or have
>access to travel funding.  Graduate students and people working in their
>own communities on language revival and maintenance projects are strongly
>encouraged to apply for this support through our website.  Preference will
>be given to applications received by Friday, September 9, 2005.  There is
>also limited crash space available; you may request crash space when you
>register online for the conference, or by sending a message to Wayne
>Harbert at weh2 at  Please do so as soon as possible but
>preferably no later than Friday, September 30, 2005 if you would like
>somewhere to put your sleeping bag.  A list of local hotels is available
>on the conference website.
>Day 1, Friday, October 14, 2005
>Poverty as a Factor in Language Maintenance and Language Death
>Keynote speaker:  Leanne Hinton
>Commentator:  Kathryn S. March
>Panel Discussion by Herman Batibo, Matthias Brenzinger, and Ofelia  Zepeda
>on the effect of access to resources on the maintenance of minority languages.
>Commentator: TBA
>Language and Access to Resources
>Keynote Speaker:  John Baugh
>Commentator: Stephen L. Morgan
>Panel Discussion by Neville Alexander, Ofelia Garcia, and Ajit Mohanty on
>the relation between the languages people speak or do not speak and their
>economic status.
>Commentator:  Ravi Kanbur
>Day 2, Saturday, October 15, 2005
>oWorkshop on Community -Based Language Maintenance Programs, with Nora
>Marks Dauenhauer, Richard Dauenhauer, and TBA.
>Commentator: Audra Simpson
>oWorkshop on the Role of the Linguist in Language Maintenance and
>Revitalization:  Documentation Training and Materials Development, with
>Lenore Grenoble, Norvin Richards and Keren Rice
>Commentator: Amanda Miller
>Minority Languages in Economic and Social Context
>Keynote Speaker:  Suzanne Romaine
>Commentator: Benedict Anderson
>Panel Discussion with Bruce Mannheim and Peter Whiteley on the
>implications of political economy, social structure, and culture for
>language in an age of globalization.
>Commentator: David Wippman
>Day 3, Sunday morning, October 16, 2005 (concluding by 1:00pm)
>o Workshop on Technology as a Tool in Language Modelling, Documentation
>and Preservation, witth Helen Aristar-Dry and Ian Maddieson.
>Commentator: Mark Turin
>o Workshop on Funding for Language Documentation and Revitalization
>Initiatives, with Arienne Dwyer, Barry Supple and Doug Whalen
>The conference is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation
>and Cornell University's Poverty, Inequality and Development Initiative.
>The conference organizers,
>Wayne Harbert           weh2 at
>Sally McConnell-Ginet   smg9 at
>Amanda Miller           am332 at
>John Whitman            jbw2 at
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