First annual "Rovereto Workshop on Bilingualism

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Mon Aug 22 14:29:58 UTC 2005

Representation and Control in L1 and L2: Functional and Neural

The first annual "Rovereto Workshop on Bilingualism - Functional and
Neural Perspectives" will be held October 13-16, 2005 at the Laboratorio
di Scienze Cognitive at the University of Trento in Rovereto (Italy). The
goal for the annual Rovereto Workshop on Bilingualism is for it to develop
into the premier international forum for researchers who are doing
scientifically rigorous research in the area of bilingual language
processing. The purpose of the workshop is to bridge together three
important perspectives on bilingualism: the cognitive, neural and social
perspectives. The Rovereto Workshop will differ from larger conferences in
at least three important ways. First, unlike larger conferences, each
annual meeting will have a specific topic so that the discussions among
participants can be more focused and thus more productive. The topic for
the inaugural meeting is "Representation and Control in L1 and L2:
Functional and Neural Perpectives".

Second, the workshop will be relatively small with only 70 to 80
participants, including well-known senior researchers and promising young
researchers. The reason for keeping the workshop relatively small is to
facilitate discussions and foster productive collaborations between the
senior and junior researchers. Third, the workshop will only broach those
topics that can be addressed with scientific rigor, as determined by an
internationally recognized organizing committee.  At the workshop there
will be 10 invited speakers and there will be no concurrent talks. In
addition to the individual talks, there will be a roundtable discussion
among several of the invited speakers and a poster session (489KB) for
students, post-docs and young researchers to present their work.

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