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2006 Conference of the International Society for Language Studies
Making connections: language studies and international contexts
Deadline extended for proposals: 15 OCTOBER, 2005 (Midnight, EST)

Co-sponsored by ISLS and NIE Singapore
April 27 and 28, 2006: Research conference
April 29, 2006: Research and Theory into Practice conference
RELC Conference Centre and Hotel

The International Society for Language Studies (ISLS) promotes research on
critical discourse and language matters, broadly conceived, including the
teaching and learning of second /foreign languages and general education
(mother tongue). The 2006 meeting of the ISLS marks a unique partnership
with the English Language & Literature Academic Group of the National
Institute of Education. This cooperation has resulted in a two-day
research conference, followed immediately by a one-day Research into
Practice conference. The third day, also co-sponsored by the Singapore
Teachers Union, by focusing upon Research into Practice will provide
attendees with the opportunity to attend workshops and explore issues and
opportunities of language studies with Singapore-based educators.

2006 Featured keynote speakers

Professor Allan Luke
Foundation Dean, Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, National
Institute of Education "Socrates and Freire Meet in a Hawker Stall:
Eurocentrism, Post-postcolonialism and the 'Critical' in Asia"

Professor Tara Goldstein
Ontario Institute of Studies in Education, University of Toronto
"Dilemmas of Speech and Silence in Multilingual Classroom"

Papers for the research conference may be submitted for the following
sessions strands:

"	Discourse and Identity
"	Education
"	Interdisciplinary Foci
"	Language Professions
"	Pedagogy
"	Asian Pedagogies
"	Policy
"	Research Methodology
"	Teacher Development
"	Technology

Research presentation proposals are accepted via the ISLS website. Various
presentation formats are possible: paper session (comprised of two-three
individual paper presentations), symposium, and seminar. We particularly
encourage multiple paper proposals as a venue for scholars engaged in
research and dialogue on special interest topics. Proposals are limited to
600 words.

As an international organization with members from every continent, ISLS
encourages a multilingual event. In particular, the co-sponsorship of the
2006 conference with the Singapore-based English Language & Literature
Academic Group of the National Institute of Education offers a unique
opportunity to consider the diverse and fluid nature of languages in a
synergistically multilingual local context. Although the principal
language of the conference will be English, presenters may present papers
in the language of their choice. In an effort to appeal to the broadest of
audiences, presenters are strongly urged to prepare support materials in
English (handouts, transparencies, slides). Sessions will be organized by
topic, not language, unless a group of authors propose an entire session.

Start date of acceptance of proposal: 15 June, 2005
Deadline extended for proposals: 15 OCTOBER, 2005 (Midnight, EST)

Registration rates for the two-day research conference:
o Early registration until 15 January 2006
US $80.00 ISLS members/US $130.00 nonmembers
o Regular registration from 15 January to 1 March, 2006
US $120.00 ISLS members/US $130.00 nonmembers
o Late or on-site registration after 1 March, 2006
US $130.00 ISLS members/US $130.00 nonmembers

Registration for the Research-into Practice day:
"	US $85.00 ISLS members/US$ 85.00 nonmembers

ISLS Conference Chair: Lisa Patel Stevens, Boston College
(lisa at
NIE Conference Chair: Anneliese Kramer-Dahl, NIE (akrame at

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