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The Program of Andean Studies (PAS), intended for graduate students in
Anthropology, Archeology, History, Linguistics and similar disciplines,
has as its goal the training of professionals, educators and researchers
of the highest academic level who are interested in the multi- and
interdisciplinary study of ancient and modern Andean cultures. This
program provides an essential and unique foundation for the understanding
of central aspects of the historical and social reality of the Andean
countries and the necessary tools for the understanding of the development
of identity construction and civic awareness.  The PAS involves the
participation of renowned international scholars of Andean studies and is
unique in the breadth and depth of the courses offered.

The duration of the Program of Andean Studies is four semesters for a
Master's degree, plus four more for a doctorate. The first four lead,
through a personalized and multidisciplinary curriculum, to a Master's
degree in one of the four majors of the program (Anthropology, Archeology,
History and Linguistics), with a specialization in Andean Studies; the
second four semesters, entirely dedicated to interdisciplinary study, lead
to the degree of Doctor of Anthropology, Archeology, History or
Linguistics, again with specialization in Andean Studies.

For more information, see their website:

SerafĂ­n M. Coronel-Molina
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
Languages and Cultures
401 East Pyne Building
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544

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