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The Language Feed
February 6, 2005

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Inuit Sign Language could open courts to the deaf
Nunatsiaq News, February 4
The case of Bobby Suwarak, a deaf man from Baker Lake who communicates
with gestures not related to standard sign language, has raised the
possibility of an indigenous sign language known to Inuit for centuries.

 Girls' success at minding language
Express and Star, February 4
With the lack of foreign language skills costing Black Country firms a
fortune, education reporter Cathy Spencer discovers how at one school
every student becomes fluent in at least two foreign languages

DoD Seeks People With Language Skills, Regional Expertise, February 3
If you speak a foreign language or have the desire and aptitude to learn
one, Uncle Sam wants you.

Dr. Robinson's language of success
Palm Beach Post, February 01
As a child in Flint, Mich., Debra Robinson dreamed of being a teacher,
like her mother. Then her mother talked her out of it.

Don't Speak the Language? Live With the Locals
New York Times, February 1 (username: langfeed, password: language)
For years, Rebecca Koladycz traveled all over Latin America for the
International Planned Parenthood Federation, visiting the organization's
affiliates - and mangling the Spanish language.

Translating to break the language barrier
Baltimore Sun, February 6 (username: langfeed, password: language)
Interpreters help communication between parents who speak little or no
English and teachers, allowing those parents to become more involved
with their children's education.,1,1804295.story?coll=bal-local-howard&ctrack=1&cset=true

Language classes to get nueva casa
The Daily Sentinel, February 6
If all goes as planned, a new community center may not be the only
addition to the Riverside neighborhood. The Dual Immersion Academy, a
school that teaches children in both English and Spanish, may be moving
from its series of modular classrooms to a brand new building next door
to the old Riverside School.;COXnetJSessionID=CGksfOqjwFk1ZmP9n9gIDOiGTp5KC23DoS14sAKMb36c6arSIR7A!-109007356?urac=n&urvf=11076988609960.69033676337426

Lavender languages and linguistics the focus of 12th annual conference
Pridesource, February 3
Scholars, students and community activists from across the U.S. and the
world will return to American University in Washington, D.C. for the
twelfth annual Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference from
Friday, Feb. 11 through Sunday, Feb. 13.

Dubbing makes 'Shrek' funny in foreign languages
The Boston Globe, February 6
At first Chuck Mitchell did not think it was such a great idea to insert
a slaughterhouse joke in the middle of "Shrek."

Exporting the English language; Alcoa heads effort to send books to
Russian town
Daily Times, February 4
Down in the basement of the Blount County Library are hundreds of books
-- with subjects ranging from fashion and math to art and history --
destined for the Russian town of Penza.

Searching for craic on the web
BBC News, February 4
A linguistics expert has been drafted in to help with an internet search
engine which recognises Northern Ireland slang.

Chinese teachers spread the world to pass heritage
China Daily, February 1
Teresa Lee has tried hard to get her 7-year-old daughter to speak
Chinese, to think in Chinese and to act Chinese. Yet, she is constantly

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