Sardinian edition of LeMonde; (but how about Corsican?)

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Sat Feb 26 15:48:04 UTC 2005

Sardinian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique launched
Max Mauro in Udin 2/19/2005

Le Monde Diplomatique, an influential political magazine, can now also be
read in Sardinian. The new edition is a private initiative of a group of
Sardinian supporters of the French magazine and has been welcomed by the
Le Monde Diplomatique (LMD) publishers. For the moment the Sardinian
edition can be found only on the Net at

A few months ago members of two associations of the biggest minority group
in the Italian state, ATILS, the Association of Translators and
interpreters of the Sardinian language and Inter Limbas (limbas is Sardu
for languages), came up with the idea to produce a Sardinian edition of
the popular magazine based in Paris. It is already published in twenty
languages including Catalan.

Diego Corraine, editor of the Sardinian edition of LMD, talked to Eurolang
about the aim of the initiative: We wanted to demonstrate that our
language can be used in a modern and official way and that we can live and
understand the world we live in through the medium of our mother tongue.
This is a great achievement for all the Sardinians who care for the
progress of their language.

The French publishers of Le Monde Diplomatique welcomed the Sardinian
edition as a way, to affirm cultural and linguistic diversity against a
globalization that menaces cultures, peoples and languages, according to
Mr Corraine.

The Sardinian web site has the same interface as the original Le Monde
Diplomatique web site, the only difference being the language that it is
written in. The French monthly magazine publishes articles by well known
authors such as Jos Saramago, Eduardo Galeano and Luis Sepulveda. 1.4
million copies are printed worldwide and 350,000 copies are sold in

To support the Sardinian edition of Le Monde Diplomatique, which at the
moment is being run voluntarily, an association called the Friends of LMD
has been started on the island. Its members aim to transform the online
magazine to a printed one as soon as possible in order to reach more
Sardinian speakers. (Eurolang  2005)

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