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Languages in Contrast Vol 4, No 2 (2004)
Date: 30-Dec-2004

From: Paul Peranteau <paul at>

Publisher: John Benjamins

 Main Text:

 Using bilingual corpora to improve pronoun resolution
 Ruslan Mitkov and Catalina Barbu 201-211

 Portuguese and English intonation in contrast
 Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 213-232

 The attributive system in English and Spanish: Contrasts in expressing
change of
 Beatriz Rodrguez Arrizabalaga 233-259

 Viewing languages through multilingual corpora, with special reference to
 generic person in English, German, and Norwegian
 Stig Johansson 261-280

 Cultural hybridity: Multisourced neologization in reinvented languages
and in
 languages with phono-logographic script
 Ghil'ad Zuckermann 281

 Book Reviews
 Review of "Information Structure in Cross-Linguistic Perspective" by
 Hasselgrd, Stig Johansson, Bergljot Behrens, and Cathrine
Fabricius-Hansen (eds)
 Reviewed by Anna Mauranen 319-324

 Review of "Lexis in Contrast. Corpus-based Approaches" by Bengt Altenberg
 Sylviane Granger (eds)
 Reviewed by Helene Chuquet 324-328

 Review of "Word: A Cross-linguistic Typology" by Robert M. Dixon and
 Y. Aikhenvald (eds)
 Reviewed by sten Dahl 328-332
 Contents to Volume 4  333-334

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