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>>From Multilingual Matters:

Bilingual Education in South America

Editor: Anne-Marie de Mejia (Universidad del Valle, Colombia)


This book presents a vision of bilingual education in six South American
nations: three Andean countries, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia, and three
'Southern Cone' countries, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It provides an
integrated perspective, including work carried out in majority as well as
minority language contexts, referring to developments in the fields of
indigeneous, Deaf, and international bilingual and multilingual provision.


3. Introduction.

Kendall King (Georgetown University, Washington) Language Policy and Local
Planning in South America:

4. New Directions for Enrichment Bilingual Education in the Andes.

Maria Elena Garcia (Sarah Lawrence College, New York) Rethinking Bilingual
Education in Peru:

5. Intercultural Politics, State Policy, and Indigenous Rights.

6. Carlos Skliar (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) &
Ronice Muller de Quadros (Universidade Federal de Santa Caterina, Brazil)
Bilingual Deaf Education in the South of Brazil Anne-Marie.

de Mejia Bilingual Education in Colombia:

7. Towards an Integrated Perspective.

8. Cristina Banfi, (Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, and ESSARP,
Argentina) & Raymond Day (Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina) The
Evolution of Bilingual Schools in Argentina.

Susan Spezzini (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA) English
Immersion in Paraguay:

9. Individual and Sociocultural Dimensions of Language Learning and Use.

10. JoEllen Simpson, (formerly at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia) A
Look at Early Childhood Writing in English and Spanish in a Bilingual
School in Ecuador.

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Publication date: 10 Jan 2005

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