The magic of ignorance - English a false prophet (Correction)

R. A. Stegemann moogoonghwa at
Sun Jan 23 12:42:34 UTC 2005

Please replace the phrase "international sector" with the word "private
sector" in the below paragraph. My target population got ahead of my
English, but not my math. I am sorry for whatever confusion might have
arisen as a result.

"According to Saran Gill's book entitled International Communication:
English Language Challenges for Malaysia there were 370,898 Malaysians
enrolled in institutions of higher education during the academic year
1999/2000. Together, these made up just over 1.5 percent of the total
population and about 4 percent of Malaysia's total work force.
Obviously, these students are employed far longer than they go to
school, and over time they become a much larger portion of the total
work force -- about 5 times larger. Thus, when we discuss Malaysia's
elite we are discussing about 7.5% of the total population and under
20% of Malaysia's actively employed. If we make the generous assumption
that all of these employed graduates will eventually find work in the
international sector, we obtain about 2 percent of the population that
will require an excellent command of the English language. For this
teeny minority 100 percent of the entire population should be compelled
to study mathematics and science in English?"


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