Gaelic will cost EU $4 Million A Year

Theo du Plessis dplesslt.HUM at
Fri Jul 1 12:24:40 UTC 2005

"live translations in Gaelic" - would like to see this! Probably
referring to "interpreting", the professional term used for this kind of
language facilitation service
Theo du Plessis
University of the Free State
South Africa

>>> haroldfs at 2005/06/22 04:45:46 PM >>>
>>From NYTimes, June 14, 2005

 Europe: Europeans Elevate Gaelic At $4 Million A Year

The European Union granted official status to Gaelic, Ireland's
little-used native tongue, making it the 21st official language in the
bloc. The move will require legislation to be translated into Gaelic,
while live translations in Gaelic would be provided at union meetings
the Irish speaker requested it in advance. While it will be welcomed
those campaigning to save the language from extinction, the action
require the hiring of an estimated 30 Gaelic speakers at a cost to
European Union taxpayers of about $4.15 million annually.


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