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Journal Title:  Journal of Language & Politics Volume Number: 4 Issue
Number: 1 Issue Date: 2005

The Soft Power of War
Legitimacy and community in Iraq war discourses
Special issue of Journal of Language and Politics 4:1 (2005)
Edited by Lilie Chouliaraki
Copenhagen Business School
2005. 175 pp.

Table of contents

Introduction: The soft power of war: Legitimacy and community in Iraq war
discourses Lilie Chouliaraki 110

The language of neofeudal corporatism and the war on Iraq Phil Graham and
Allan Luke 1139

Blair's contribution to elaborating a new 'doctrine of international
community' Norman L. Fairclough 4163

War rhetoric of a little ally: Political implicatures and Aznar's
legitimatization of the war in Iraq Teun A. van Dijk 6591

The Iraq war as curricular knowledge: From the political to the pedagogic
divide Bessie Mitsikopoulou and Dimitris Koutsogiannis 93117

Computer games as political discourse: The case of Black Hawk Down David
Machin and Theo van Leeuwen 119141

Spectacular ethics: On the television footage of the Iraq war Lilie
Chouliaraki 143159

Discussion: The case of Siegfried Kracauer as migr intellectual Markus
Rheindorf 161168

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