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 Language Minority Students in American Schools: Adamson

Title: Language Minority Students in American Schools
Subtitle: An Education in English
Series Title: A Volume in the ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series
Published: 2005
Publisher: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates

Author: H. Douglas Adamson, University of Arizona
Hardback: ISBN: 0805844961 Pages: 272 Price: U.S. $ 79.95
Paperback: ISBN: 080584497X Pages: 272 Price: U.S. $ 34.50

This book addresses questions of language education in the United States,
focusing on how to teach the 3.5 million students in American public
schools who do not speak English as a native language. These students are
at the center of a national debate about the right relationship among ESL,
bilingual, and mainstream classes. Bilingual education has been banned by
constitutional amendment in California and Arizona, and similar amendments
are being considered in other states. "Language Minority Students in American
Schools: An Education in English" places this debate and related issues of
teaching standard English to speakers of nonstandard dialects, such as
black English, within the larger context of language acquisition theory and
current methods of language teaching. It is intended for students who are
preparing to become teachers of English as a second language, and for
teachers ofother subjects who work with English language learners.

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