Death of a language

Ronald Kephart rkephart at
Thu Jun 9 13:10:33 UTC 2005

At 6:35 PM +0100 6/8/05, Anthea Fraser Gupta wrote:

>Red Thunder Cloud was said to be the last native speaker of Catawba.
>'Katauba' is a spelling that seems to be used in French and some
>other languages....

That makes sense. But then the question becomes, why did the author
of the original article place this language and its last speaker on
Vanuatu? As in:

"It was about the death of a language which was in existence on a
pacific island, near the United States of America, called Aore. The
name of the country was Vanuwater. The people of the island belong to
an ethnic group called Katauba. Their language was called Aore..."

Seems to me that a trip (back?) to journalism school is called for.


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