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The Language Feed
June 12, 2005

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Language spoken by 35,000 in mountains of Switzerland has Google
Winnipeg Sun, June 11
Not many people have heard of Romansch. But in the future, those looking
for websites in Switzerland may find themselves trying to decipher this
Latin-linked language.

Getting the Language Mix Right, June 8
Education Minister Naledi Pandor is determined to move indigenous
languages "from the margin to the centre" and wants to develop a
language policy that "vigorously and effectively promotes indigenous
languages in schools".

Learning the language: Literacy Volunteers on the Green helps students
speak English
Danbury News Time, June 8
The New Milford organization Literacy Volunteers on the Green started
out with a dream. Rita Guariglia, a retired teacher, had seen the need
for English tutoring while teaching night classes.

Language skills are good for business
Silicon Republic, June 8
While there is no current evidence of a shortage of language skills,
language teaching in schools should be reviewed to ensure the future
skills requirements of the Irish economy are fully met, a new report has

Time to brush up on language skills
Scotsman, June 8
A recent EU report has highlighted Scotland's woeful record in the
teaching of modern languages. We are not just bad, we're appalling,
according to the Eurydice Report, and the situation is getting worse.

Universities are paring language curriculums
Joong Ang Daily, June 8
University-level instruction in second-tier foreign languages, meaning
everything but English, is mostly in decline because fewer and fewer
students see them as useful in getting jobs.

Textbook preserves Hezhe language, June 6
The Hezhe people, one of the smallest ethnic minority groups in China,
have improved their chances of preserving their dying language with the
publication of a new book.

Two-language school is seen as muy bueno
Wisconsin State Journal, June 12
Nine months ago, Gabriel Mayhew, 6, spoke no Spanish. Now he knows the
Spanish alphabet and can speak full sentences in his second language.

More Singaporeans picking up Korean language at community centres
Channel News Asia, June 12
Korea fever is sweeping into Singapore -- not only do Singaporeans want
to watch Korean movies and TV shows, they want to speak the language as

Shared language
Boston Globe, June 12
Genoveva Romero of East Boston laughs when she remembers being
videotaped in her English class. The goal was to show students how they
looked during practice job interviews so that they could improve for the
real thing.

Language May Not Be Needed for 'Number Sense'
Forbes, June 10
When you see five similar objects in a group, the word "five" serves as
a language hook to visually pull the objects together in your mind. But
can nonlinguistic animals similarly recognize groups of objects as
sharing common qualities? A new study in monkeys suggests they can.

Overcoming language barriers
Bradenton Herald, June 12
Eddie Delrisco spoke limited English when he came to the United States,
but that didn't hinder the Peruvian native in his climb up the rungs
from housekeeping aide to supervisor in a local hotel.

America - A Bilingual Nation?
VOA News, June 9
When Americans today use the telephone for business, to make airline
reservations or check on their banking account, for example, they often
must choose the language they wish to speak. For English, callers are
asked to press one .... and two for Spanish.

Book Combines Historical, Present Information to Improve Literacy
Baltimore Times, June 3
Three people, concerned with the educational development of the African
American community, put together a volume of both classic and newer
approaches and perspectives to enhance African American literacy. The
works span from the 1970s to the present.

How words get into dictionaries
ABC Regional Online, June 6
Dr Bruce Moore, The Director of the National Dictionary Centre at the
Australian University of Canberra knows all about words, particularly
when it comes to the Australian English language and how words make
their way into our dictionaries.

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