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Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Mon Jun 13 15:39:31 UTC 2005

Dear Members of the Language Policy List:

About two weeks ago we requested feedback from you about how the work of
Joshua Fishman has influenced your own research and scholarship. We have
so far received very few replies, so I am reminding you that we need
feedback by June 30th, at the latest, in order to include it in our study
of Fishman's intellectual history.

Since our previous request may perhaps have seemed to some too daunting,
perhaps the easiest way for you to respond would be to take your own
Curriculum Vitae and remove the works that do NOT owe anything to the work
of Fishman, and send that to us, either as an ascii attachment, or as a
Word attachment.  Please send it, NOT TO THIS LIST, or to my email address
but to:  haroldfs at

Thanks very much!

To remind you about the previous message:

We are writing an intellectual history of Joshua Fishman's work on the
occasion of his 80th birthday in 2006. Our essay will review Joshua
Fishman's work, as well as the influence that his work has had on other
scholars. We are writing to ask for your input on how Fishman's work has
influenced your particular research and thinking, with a view to
incorporating your feedback into the text of the essay.

We have identified a number of areas for which Fishman has been a
pioneering researcher, or a significant contributor. We are calling these
"intellectual threads," meaning that they are ideas that have extended out
from his work like tendrils, and have been picked up on, developed, woven
together with other ideas,  and have produced other intellectual outcomes,
but which can be traced back to Fishman's original formulations. These
threads include:

1.      The sociology of language: including language use and behavior
(e.g. language spread, maintenance and shift, as well as reversing
language shift); the spread of English and of languages of wider
communication; language domains and diglossia.

2.      Language planning and policy (especially as it applies to
bilingual and multilingual education).

3.      Language and nationalism/ethnicity: including work on language and
identity, language attitudes, language ideology, and language loyalty.

It is our hope that you will help us identify how Fishman's work has
influenced your own scholarly endeavors, and how work of your own has
explicitly come about because of his work. To be even more explicit, we
would like you to state the following:

A. Which of Fishman's sources have you used in your own work, or which
have you found particularly influential in your scholarly pursuits?
B. Under which "thread" listed above do these fall?
C. How have you used these to develop ideas of your own?
D. On which language (case, situation), and for what purpose?
E. Please cite your work explicitly, following the example formats below:

Department of Education and Science (DES) (1985) Education for All (The
Swann Report). London: HMSO.

Evans, N.J. and Ilbery, B.W. (1989) A conceptual framework for
investigating farm-based accommodation and tourism in Britain. Journal of
Rural Studies 5 (3), 257-266.

Evans, N.J. and Ilbery, B.W. (1992) Advertising and farm-based
accommodation: A British case-study. Tourism Management 13 (4), 415-422.

Laufer, B. (2000) Vocabulary acquisition in a second language: The
hypothesis of 'synforms'. PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh.

Mackey, W.F. (1998) The ecology of language shift. In P.H. Nelde (ed.)
Languages in Contact and in Conflict (pp. 35-41). Wiesbaden: Steiner.

Marien, C. and Pizam, A. (1997) Implementing sustainable tourism
development through citizen participation in the planning process. In S.

Wahab and J. Pigram (eds) Tourism, Development and Growth (pp. 164-78).
London: Routledge.

Morrison, D. (1999) Small group discussion project questionnaire.
University of Hong Kong Language Centre (mimeo).

US Census Bureau (1998) State profile: California - Online document:

Zahn, C.J. and Hopper, R. (2000) The speech evaluation instrument: A
user's manual (version 1.0a). Unpublished manuscript, Cleveland State

Zigler, E. and Balla, D. (eds) (1998) Mental Retardation: The
Developmental-Difference Controversy. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.

We need you to send your feedback by June 30th to:.
haroldfs at  (put "Fishman's contributions" in the subject line)

This can be either as an ascii email or as an attached MSWord document.

Please do NOT reply to us at our OWN email addresses, nor to the address
of the list on which you receive this.

Thanks very much. We look forward to your response!


Ofelia Garcia
Hal Schiffman

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