Conference on Plurality in Balochistan

Harold F. Schiffman haroldfs at
Tue Jun 14 13:52:56 UTC 2005

Dear Colleagues,

you are very welcome to attend the conference "Plurality in Balochistan"
which will be held in Uppsala/Sweden from 18-21 August this summer.
Please find below the preliminary program.

If you plan to attend, please send a message to Agnes Korn
   a.korn at
or Carina Jahani
   Carina.Jahani at

Yours sincerely
Agnes Korn and Carina Jahani

Preliminary program:

- Nina Swidler (New York): The Historical Roots of Pluralism in
- Beatrice Nicolini (Milan): The Baloch role as mercenaries in East
Africa during the XIX century
- Paul Titus (Christchurch / New Zealand): To Join the Caravan of
History: External Influences on the Baloch Nationalist Movement
- Martin Axmann (Freiburg): Phoenix from the ashes? The Baloch national
movement and its recent revival
- Hassan Afrakhteh (Tehran): Social-Spatial Impacts of Chabahar Free
Trade Zone on the City
- Doreen Schindler (Berlin): Marriage, kinship and social organization
in Balochistan
- Hoshang Noraiee (Ayub Husainbor) (London): Change and Continuity:
Power and Religion in Iranian Balochistan
- Sabir Badalkhan (Naples): On the Zikri religion
- Mahin Borhanzahi (Iranshahr): Cultural pluralism in Balochistan with
emphasis on the intermedition of tradition and modernism
- Tim Farrell (London): The Milky Tongue: Metaphor in Balochi
- Abbas Parvin (Iranshahr): Plurality in the scales of time measurement
in Balochistan
- Abdolhosein Yadegari (Khash): Ethnic and Linguistic Plurality in
Iranian Balochistan
- Abbas Ali Ahangar (Zahedan): A Description of the Verbal System in
Sarhaddi Balochi
- Giti Taki (Zahedan): Bilingual Baloch
- Elena Bashir (Washington): Contact-induced and transitional features
in Eastern Balochi
- Carina Jahani (Uppsala): The verbal system in Iranian Balochi in a
contact linguistic perspective
- Mahinnaz Mirdehqan (Mashhad): Split-Ergative morphology in Hindi/Urdu,
Pashto & Balochi languages
- Mohammad Dabir Moghaddam (Tehran): On oblique clitics in Balochi in
comparison with other Iranian languages
- Serge Axenov (St Peterburg / Russia): The grammatical morphemes -a and
k- in Balochi
- Agnes Korn (Frankfurt a.M.): Plurality in the grammar: The nominal
systems of Balochi

additional items on the program include:
- Workshop on Balochi and Balochi Studies in Iran (Pakzad Yusefian
(Zahedan), Moosa Mahmoodzahi (Iranshahr)
- Cultural evening (Taj Mohammad Breseeg (Stockholm))
- Balochi handicrafts evening (Elina Sorainen (Helsinki), Shahin
Borhanzahi (Tehran))


  Dr. Agnes Korn
  Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft  :       Tel.  + 49 - 69 - 798 22 847
  Universitaet Frankfurt            :       Fax   + 49 - 69 - 798 22 873
  PF  11 19 32                      :
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