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Thu Jun 16 10:19:20 UTC 2005

To lgpolicy list,

We are a group of thirteen people working on an project titled Language planning for Eskimo-Aleut languages as perceived by their speech communities. The group would like to attended a conference on language planning/policy together, since a shared conference experience would form a good basis for further discussions and project development. However, we have difficulty finding a conference with language planning/policy as its main focus. Can you help us?

Group members are: (Siberia) Daria Morgounova, Nikolay Vakhtin; (Alaska) Chase Hensel, Maria Hilden, Lawrence Kaplan, Patrick Marlow; (Canada) Barbara Burnaby, Michelle Daveluy, Louis-Jacques Dorais, Alana Johns, Susan Sammons, Shelley Tulloch; (Greenland) Karen Langgaard.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Hilden
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