Bozen (Bolzano) lays some ghosts to rest over fascist monument

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Sat Mar 5 18:10:18 UTC 2005

Bozen (Bolzano) lays some ghosts to rest over fascist monument
Peter Josika, Biel/ Bienne 3/28/2005

The infamous Monument of Victory of Bozen (Bolzano), built by the Italian
fascists in 1928, has finally received an explanatory noticeboard mounted
near to the monument.

The Italian government disallowed the noticeboard to be attached to the
monument itself as it is considered it protected heritage. Two notices had
to be erected on both sides of the monument a few metres away from it.

The text on the board, written in German, Italian, Ladin and English,
reads: This monument was erected by the fascist regime to celebrate the
victory of Italy in World War I. This victory led to the division of Tyrol
and the detachment of the people of South Tyrol from their motherland

"The city of Bozen/Bolzano condemns disputes and discriminations of the
past, as well as any form of nationalism, and has committed itself to
convey the European spirit of peace and coexistence.

The new noticeboards were officially unveiled by Lord Mayor Giovanni
Salghetti Drioli and Deputy Lord Mayor Elmar Pichler Rolle in a ceremony
last week. All members of the Bozen council were present.

In a press release, South Tyrolean governor Luis Durnwalder (SVP-
Sdtiroler Volkspartei) called the explanatory noticeboards a step in the
right direction, but by no means a final solution to the problem.

Many German and Ladin-speaking South Tyroleans consider the mere existence
of the monument as a sign of repression, and there are regular rallies in
favour of its complete destruction. (Eurolang  2005)

Articles about the unveiling of the explanatory boards, in German

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