Bai Euskarari certificate rewards organizations for Basque usage

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Bai Euskarari certificate rewards organizations for Basque usage
Alexandre Giraldez in Cangas 3/5/2005

More than 800 corporations, shops and other organisations now have the Bai
Euskarari, a certificate which proves a commitment to extending the use of
the Basque language. The award ceremony for these certificates gathered
hundreds of people from the world of Basque culture, economy and politics
at a public meeting held in Donostia (San Sebastian) on 3rd March.

Every year, Bai Euskarari certificates are awarded by Kontseilua, the
Council of Social Organisations Supporting the Basque Language.

Initiatives involve the implementation of Basque usage in the workplace,
for example, by requiring the knowledge of Basque when hiring staff or by
using it in internal documentation. The Bai Euskarari also awards measures
taken to standardize Basque in the public domain, such as advertising or
using Basque with customers.

There are three kinds of certificates according to the degree of Basque
usage. Among the holders of the Bai Euskarari we find banks, sport clubs,
labour unions, clinics, and shops. Kontseilua is responsible for
establishing the level of proficiency in Basque in each organisation.

The Bai Euskarari certificate is also a mark of commitment to the Basque
language and lets society reward those corporations and organizations
promoting the use of Basque. A publicity campaign has been launched about
the certificate, encouraging people to support those organizations
committed to the normalisation of Basque.

The certificate is part of the Bai Euskarari agreement, which involves
hundreds of organizations and institutions. In 1999 in the Southern Basque
Country (Spanish state) and in 2000 in the Northern Basque Country (French
State), universities, unions, media, and sports clubs expressed their
support to guarantee the survival of Basque. Since then, the Bai Euskarari
certificate has been a way to getting hundreds of organisations to commit
to using Basque in everyday life. (Eurolang  2005)


Bai euskarari certificate

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