Bibliographical correction on 'Abandon Irish as an official language?'

Jeffrey Kallen jkallen at
Mon Mar 21 10:22:17 UTC 2005

Just one correction; the piece quoted as

>>>From the Irish Times,     March 20, 2005
>Comment: Alan Ruddock: Abandon Irish as an official language and watch
>it flourish

(which is yet another example of journalists purporting to know things
about language which they obviously don't)

didn't appear in the Irish Times of March 20th, but in the Sunday Times
(Irish edition) on March 20th.

The Sunday Times is a British newsaper, and the Irish edition combines the
British paper with a certain amount of localisation from Irish journalists.
(Sometimes this can be confusing, as an article headed 'Government
announces crackdown on tax abuse' might not make clear which government is
being described until well into the text. But we learn to live with this.)
The Irish Times has no connection and doesn't publish on Sunday. It has
regular columns in Irish and has a general editorial policy that treats the
language with respect, although one regular columnist is also prone to
attacking the language from time to time. It is often described as the
'newspaper of record' in Ireland.

Jeff Kallen
Trinity College Dublin

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