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Dear list members,

On February 5, 2005 Saran Gill wrote, "University students have to sit
for an entrance exam that tests their competencies in English for
academic reading, speaking, listening and writing.  The results are
discouraging - the band ranges from 1 (very poor) to 6 (very good).  I
am still waiting for the results of the students in the science and
technology faculties.  But my colleagues who are directly involved tell
me that the majority of the students fall in the bands 3 and 4."

It was about this time that I abandoned the dialogue to finish the
HKLNA-Project's first, interactive, Quicktime movie. My goal was to
provide information to the list's members that could be used as a
benchmark for further discussion with regard to English language
competence across nations -- especially those in the Far East. This I
have done in the section entitled Language Education Policy -
Understanding the Nature of Fixed Response / Beneath the Wheel / Five
Years Beyond. My interest in this discussion was, and remains, how to
achieve high-level English quality among those who require it without
sacrificing entire national student bodies in the process.

I have just completed reading several articles from Hal's recently
posted list of Malaysian opinion writers. They touch on many of the
issues that I examine in the HKLNA-Project's Quicktime movie.


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