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The Language Feed
March 27, 2005

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Chamorro language urged
Pacific Daily News, March 27
Hundreds of students competed in "I Fino Chamorro: I Bentånan I
Ketturå-ta," either as individuals reciting poetry or as groups that
chanted stories of the ancient Chamorro mariners who lived, loved and
died on Guam.

Growing number of francophones seek English immersion schools
Globe and Mail, March 26
The day Vision school opened its doors to children in Quebec City,
provincial police had to be posted around the neighbourhood to watch for

House Seeks to Make English Official Language
KPHO Phoenix, March 24
The Arizona House narrowly approved a proposal Thursday to ask voters
next year to change the state constitution to declare English as the
state's official language.

Another foreign language option rattles Elmbrook district
Journal Sentinel, March 24
Six weeks after a surprise decision by the Elmbrook School Board to add
foreign language as a mandatory elementary school subject, starting with
first grade this fall, board members once again startled parents and
teachers by discussing a different option.

Entrepreneurial U.H. Students Setting up Language Documentation Center
Hawaii Reporter, March 25
Two years ago in fall 2003, Meylysa Tseng, an international student from
Taiwan was inspired by the rich cultural diversity at the University of
Hawaii at Manoa.

Test planned for April for students who use English as a second language
News-Messenger, March 24
Students across Ohio whose native language is something other than
English will be tested in April by the state to gauge how proficient
they are in reading, writing, speaking and listening to the English

Interweb dialect doesn’t harm English language
The Inquirer, March 23
The internet's digital dialect is not harming the English Language,
according to a Welsh University boffin.

Michigan Firm to Design First-Ever Sign-Language Town
Yahoo News, March 23
Nederveld Associates, Inc., a West Michigan-based land planning, civil
engineering and surveying firm, announced that it will serve as lead
designer for Laurent, S.D., a new town intended for individuals who
communicate using sign language.

Babies Use Their Own Names To Help Learn Language
Newswise, March 22
A baby’s understanding of language may begin with its own name, which a
baby uses to break sentences into smaller parts so it can learn other
words, according to new research by Texas A&M University psychologist
Heather Bortfeld, who studies language development in infants and children.

After-school program packed with world's worth of language
The Olympian, March 21
Sophia Hesse-Morgan knew the time had come for her to finally step
outside her cultural boundaries.

More schools set up Mandarin Reading Clubs to promote language
Channel NewsAsia, March 27
Mandarin Reading Clubs will soon become a common feature in schools.
This is because the Education Ministry has helped train 200 teachers to
set up these clubs to help promote the learning of Mandarin.

Language is often barrier to communication
The Journal News, March 27
International communications were once the province of large
multinational corporations, but not anymore.

Tuned into te reo
New Zealand Herald, March 26
Throughout her 13-year career in Maori broadcasting, Veeshayne Armstrong
got by on a limited grasp of te reo.

School language program advances
The Patriot-News, March 24
Harrisburg School District is closer to launching a foreign-language
immersion program for its youngest students next fall, said Mayor
Stephen R. Reed.

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