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The Language Feed
May 9, 2005

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Linguist's goal: to save endangered tongue
Monterey County Herald, May 9
It's a wish come true for a University of California at Berkeley grad
student with a rare taste in wishes.

The language battle that is tearing Belgium apart
Times Online, May 9
LANGUAGE wars between French and Flemish-speakers in Belgium have
reignited, sparking riots, bringing the Government to the brink of
collapse and prompting some commentators to say that the country is

Demand for world language classes soars
Daily Democrat, May 1
The UC Davis campus is working to close a gap between what foreign
languages it offers and those increasingly in demand by students in a
melting-pot California.,1413,136~32730~2846399,00.html

Language invented for Interpreter
San Jose Mercury News, May 2 (email: language at, password:
language)There's a good reason why the African language Nicole Kidman
speaks in the new thriller ``The Interpreter'' sounds foreign -- it
exists only in the reel world.

French wary of new cyber language
New Zealand Herald, May 7
France has a new enemy in its battle to protect the language of Moliere:
the search engine Google, which French critics says is bent on a new act
of Anglophone cultural imperialism.

Educators share success of dual-language program with others
Valley Morning Star, May 7
Even though Felis Arrambide and her husband spoke both English and
Spanish at home, they taught their son Joseph Spanish as his primary

Make sign language mandatory for teachers to learn
The Jamaica Observer, May 7
The deaf community wants signing to become a primary language in
secondary schools and for teachers to learn Jamaica Sign Language (JSL)
prior to employment.

Bay Area eager for Chinese flagship language program
Contra Costa Times, May 8 (email: language at, password: language)
The federal government, alarmed by the lack of expertise in languages
considered critical to national security, announced Tuesday that it
wants to establish a comprehensive Chinese language instruction program
for students in kindergarten through college

Mr. Language Person: True Quotations
Sun Herald, May 8
It's time once again for "Ask Mister Language Person," the only language
column that is endorsed by both the American Association of English
Professors AND Cher.

Afrikaners Celebrate Language They Fear May Vanish
Reuters, April 28
South Africa's Afrikaans language is perhaps best known for the term
"apartheid," but for a new generation of Afrikaans speakers the most
important word in their lexicon is "jol" -- to party.

Dual language program may become trend in border education
Portales News Tribune, April 30
Upon first glance, the colorful ink numbers in Francis Duarte’s
classroom, printed on cardboard, appear to be typical decorations in a
typical kindergarten classroom — except below each numerical value is
the corresponding Spanish word.

Love of learning language transcends all ages
The Detroit News, April 30
Every Tuesday, Andy Mayer, 77, leads Hilda Mintzes, 84, and others in a
Latin study group. They tackle Ovid's "The Art of Love," translating
line by line -- "Your eyes will not be permitted to see her ankles" --
and practice language exercises about Caesar.

Language Politics in Kyrgyzstan
Turkish Weekly, April 29
Opposition leader Felix Kulov must pass a Kyrgyz-language exam many
believe was originally invented to thwart him.

English Language Learners & Immersion Programs, April 25
On Monday, the Sioux Falls school board will give preliminary approval
to next year's budget. One line-item includes expanding the program for
immigrant and refugee children at the Family Immersion Center.,39267

Useful language learn quick now!
The Times Online, April 30
The purists may be horrified but a new pidgin tongue of 1,500 words will
foster a greater respect for words.,,1068-1591497,00.html

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